About The Back Bubble
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The Back Bubble ® Back Pain Relief Machine combines a unique inflatable cushion with a chrome buoyancy spring to comfortably decompress the lumbar spine and gently stretch the surrounding muscles in a variety of yoga positions. Essentially, The Back Bubble stops lower back pain in seconds!

Back Pain Relief is realized because The Back Bubble encircles the body and allows the user to be semi-suspended using gravity to the advantage for a change. It stops a Back Ache cold! The pain relief is immediate and the increased flow of fluids to the decompressed lower back push out inflammation and bring in oxygen – the body’s healing mechanism.

The Back Bubble is medically classified as Back Traction, and Spinal Decompression at Home. It has been recommended by leading healthcare practitioners for years to solve Muscular Pain as well as Disc, Facet, and Sciatic problems. You can actually adjust your lower back with The Back Bubble if you are out of alignment! There are many ways to use The Back Bubble depending on your body type and the problems you are having with your lower back.

The Back Bubble is a comfortable alternative to Inversion Therapy because you can use it in an upright position or inverted. Please visit our Evaluation page so we can customize your treatment and your Back Bubble ® to maximize results.

To suspend The Back Bubble, we include an adjustable bar with brackets and screws. The brackets are easily mounted on either side of a doorway. The bar is removable and the door still opens and closes. You can also use a strong hook in a beam or a heavy duty rope or chain over joists in the garage.


Medically proven.

Relief in seconds.

Fun to Use

It’s like floating in air-cushioned weightlessness


For adjustable comfort


Weighs only five pounds.

Just deflate and travel.


Domestically made to government standards for durable medical equipment.